Immigration & Relocation

Immigration & Relocation

In case you are a non-EU entrepreneur, don’t worry! We can assist you with the immigration and relocation matters. The Netherlands has several program available for managers and for entrepreneurs. One of the most popular programs is the StartUp Visa, which allows a fast-track procedure to get residency in Netherlands for innovative and ambitious entrepreneurs!

We can inform you, and assist you throughout all the steps and procedures. Whether your are eligible for the Startup Visa, the Entrepreneurs Via, or any other program.

(European) Start Up Visa

‚ÄčA residence permit as ‘start-up’ gives ambitious starters a year to start an innovative company in the Netherlands. One condition in this regard is that they are supervised by a reliable supervisor (facilitator) in the Netherlands. Start-ups receive a great deal of support in the Netherlands to develop into successful enterprises. This is good for the entrepreneur, but also good for employment and the economy.

Here you find a case study of the FIRST startup visa that was proviced in Netherlands:

Entrepreneurs Visa

If you don’t meet the conditions of the StartUp Visa, then you could apply for the entrepreneurs visa. Netherlands allows non-European entrepreneurs to relocate their company, or start a company in Netherlands, if the company is likely to be successful (over 100,000 ER turnover) and will create added value for the Netherlands (at least 2-3 jobs). Aside from that, its important that you are an experienced entrepreneur, or you have the right education to establish and operate the company.

A strong business plan is required to apply for the entrepreneurs visa!

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